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The e-book “How (not) difficult it is to save your money“, is a real guide to saving, which you can use to give your customers a concrete and tangible value and teach them all the secrets to savemoney, thanks to Cashback World.

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This guide is the result of several years of experience in the world of Digital Marketing and several years of activity in the World Cashback World and Lyconet. You’ll find a tool designed for Lyconets and businesses, which will allow you to teach your customers how the Cashback World app and site works and how to save money thanks to Cashback! To date, saving is a topic very much at heart for Italian users. With this guide, you can tell them in a simple and fun way how to shop in the Cashback World.

Consumption is the strong point of a network that works, and is an aspect that over the years has sometimes been overlooked by those who did business. This tool will help you build a strong line based on consumption, thanks to the immediacy and practicality of use.

Giving your customers such an info-product, customized with your name, photo, contacts and especially your sign-up links, can prove to be the winning choice to make it easy for your customers to buy within the circuit.

Customizing the e-book with your photo, bio, data and especially your Cashback World registration links is the winning choice!

What are the benefits for you?

Teach your users

This tool will come in handy to teach you how the Cashback World works. You can send it to your customers,your prospects,your companies, and your Lyconets,teaching them the benefits of Cashback World and building your own consumption-based line.

Optimize your time

It’s not always easy to find time to tell your users what benefits they can benefit from within this shopping community, or more simply how to use the app, website, how to sign up or how to generate an e-voucher on their own. The e-book will do it for you!


Get the result

The power of this tool lies in the fact that it is reusable countless times,allowing you to achieve results with minimal effort. The e-book not only enrolls people for you, but ensures that once enrolled they are trained to shop within the circuit.

Personal tool

Thanks to the ability to customize,you can make this personal tool, synonymous with credibility towards those who read it. You can enter a photo of yourself, a short biography, your contact details, as well as your CW sign-up links.



Chapter 1

Discovering the world’s largest shopping community


Chapter 2

The app you can’t miss on your smartphone


Chapter 3

Buy (and save) online with Cashback World


Chapter 4

Shopping Points: what are they and what are they for?


Chapter 5

Little tricks to save even more


Bonus Chapter

Discover the new Marketplace MyWorld.com

Chapter 1

Discovering the world’s largest shopping community

We want to start this journey in saving from the first thing that hit us now a few years ago. Talking to friends, we learned of a great shopping community. A kind of large collective buying group where the more you are the more you save.

The idea seemed interesting to us and we wanted to deepen the talk.

In a shopping community, the more people they buy within the community the more you save. The more stores become part of it, the more benefits there are for everyone.

This specific buying community is called Cashback World, and is the most developed buying circuit in the world.

This is an international shopping community. It allows its members to have advantages because they are part of the shopping community. It is part of the Austrian group, MyWorld, and in Italy is based in the province of Verona. It is in all respects a real buying community. The more people are part of it, the more the benefits that its members can get. –A bit like when it’s better to buy the “stock format” because the price is lower and the savings higher. Here, the stock size is the sum of each person’s small purchases, and the benefits are divided among all. Is it better?

To start taking advantage of the shopping community right away, and not miss out on the opportunities it has for those who are part of it, you need to register.

The first great thing about Cashback World is that registering with the community is totally free. Deciding to start buying in the circuit has no cost for those who want to enter. Here, then, as we first knew this reality: following the advice of a friend who suggested a new way to save money, and sent us a link to sign up.

Once you have completed the contact form – and accept all the conditions -, you will receive an email and you will be able to log in to your profile, either via app or on a website. Here you will have your own profile from where you can monitor everything and, from the app, you can also show your card at the time of your purchases within the small and medium-sized local contracted business.



A persuasive writing style, easy to read and fun, suitable for every reader. This e-book is suitable for both the “smart” person and a reader less accustomed to technology.

We will explain step-by-step all the most useful and important functions, from the registration procedure up to how to generate an e-voucher, in an understandable and detailed way.

You will receive a Smart Kit that includes:


The E-Book

Your personalized savings guide, in pdf format, to be sent by email or whatsapp


Message templates

A series of pre-set messages, designed for different user targets, that you can copy and send


The Usage Guide

A short guide that will show you how you can use the e-book and tips on how to send it


Priority support

Free priority assistance for any need

Recommended by

“I recommend the ebook because in my experience everything that is multiplierable must be disclosed, it is an innovative and practical tool that gives value to the profession of the consultant (Lyconet).

If well used it will become essential to have it in the toolbox in order to be able to better awareness the customer.”

Denise Nicola

Networking and relations Coach – Senior Ambassador – Level 6

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